Are you seeking new opportunities with a growing company?

Perhaps, a potential new career path?

PLLT Virtual Consultants focus is providing quality job placement to fuel your passion.  Confidence is knowing your next opportunity is our primary focus by partnering with clients who offer quality placement.  Our goal is to have a pipeline of qualified candidates to present to perspective clients.  Partnering with PLLT Virtual Consultants can help make those connections.

Does PLLT Virtual Consulting Company Offer Benefits?

Yes!  PLLT Virtual Consultants offer benefits for our Full-time employees.

Paid Time Off – Holidays, Sick days, or whenever you need it - based on policy guidelines.

What if I am not immediately hired, can I still contact PLLT Virtual Consultants?

Yes! We want you to stay in touch with us so we can have accurate and up-to-date information about your background, skills and availability. If we don’t have the perfect fit for you now, we still want you to stay in touch with us so we can easily contact you for future opportunities.

Do I have to accept an assignment or job offer that PLLT Virtual Consultants present to me?

Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to let us know if an opportunity we run by you is not a good fit. You know your strengths, skills and career goals best, so the choice is always left up to you. We also encourage people to keep their records up-to-date with us (for example if you take a Web design course) as it could make a big difference in getting hired on by a company.

Are there any fees for the job seeker?

Our services are no cost to candidates. We are paid by our clients to connect them with top talent.

Before the Interview